Our Story

Healing stones have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures around the world due to their spiritual & healing properties.
Conjurers, healers, & shamans would practice sacred rituals using earths natural stones to heal & protect themselves from all sorts of ailments. 
History has shown these precious stones emit positive energies depending on their composition of minerals, giving every stone a special healing ability.


Their healing abilities often include:

  • Unconditional love & positivity.
  • Abundance & prosperity. 
  • Healing from past trauma. 
  • Mood enhancement & mental stability. 
  • Clarity & calmness. 
  • Connection with the spiritual realm.
  • Clears negative auras. 

And many more life changing properties! 

However, over the years these healing rituals have become less practical in our modernized society. 

So our company has decided to work alongside like minded individuals to design & handcraft intention setting jewelry to carry around with you! 

Our jewelry is not only gorgeous to wear, but we believe that carrying these precious stones close to your body will emit higher vibrational energies than traditional forms of use. 

This allows for the gemstones to be more effective!

About Our Jewelry: 

Our jewelry is handcrafted using natural & ethically mined gemstones & crystals. 
Due to the natural formations of the healing stones we use, each piece is slightly unique from the next. This creates an essence of individualism for each wearer of our precious stones. 
All products are manufactured & hand-woven by highly skilled artisans with the highest attention to detail possible. This guarantees long lasting durability with each piece.
Delivery will be done with our own carrier from our warehouse, which reduces the CO2 emissions by nearly 30%.
We give our best contributing to fight global warming & creating a positive life for us all. 

About Us: 

Run by the official Modern Day Manifestations™ Blog, our small like-minded team help hundreds of thousands of individuals manifest a positive & harmonious lifestyle. 

Based in New Zealand, our goal is to spread spiritual practices of manifestation & the law of attraction. 

Our practices promote positivity, healing & abundance.